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Natural High 3 Follows!

May 18, 2010

Within the cosmic collection of feedback gathered from Natural High 2, students and teachers across the country requested music as the theme for the next Natural High DVD. So the Foundation decided to do just that! Natural High 3 celebrates singing, song writing, musical instruments and performance as a natural high. It features several of Billboard’s top artists – Mya, P.O.D. and Switchfoot, as well as Darrin Henson, choreographer to Prince, Britney Spears and Michael Jackson. Natural High 3 is loaded with heartfelt quotes, inspiring behind the scene stories, and real applicable messages.


Natural High 2

May 18, 2010

Natural High 2, the follow-up to the first video, is released in 2005 and garners amazing success!

A riveting and powerful video, it is also hip and positive. This DVD is filled with stunning sports clips, poignant interviews, and an upbeat soundtrack – It’s National Geographic meets Fox’s FUEL TV. The video features Tony Hawk, 12-time world skateboard champion; Nina Heinberg, champion kite boarder; Travis Pastrana, motocross freestyle champion; Tori Allen, champion sport climber; Laird Hamilton, ocean sports pioneer; Wendy Fisher, extreme skier; celebrity Hip Hop dancers “Crazy Legs” and “Mr. Wiggles”, and many more. The high-profile athletes and dancers in the video share powerful stories of what it’s like to lead a fun, exciting, and successful life without drugs or alcohol. They inspire kids to seek healthy goals, passions, and activities.

Overall, NH 2 reached 114,000 schools nationwide. By October of 2005, in advance of Red Ribbon Week, the Foundation achieved its goal of sending Natural High 2 FREE to 114,000 schools, potentially impacting the lives of 31,000,000 kids.

The Sundt Memorial Gala

May 18, 2010

The first Sundt Memorial Gala was held at Jon Sundt’s home in La Jolla, CA.

This annual fundraising event contributes much of the funding for the Foundation. Funding was used to distribute the Natural High videos and fuel the Foundation’s programs.

For more information on this year’s gala, please visit:

Sundt Memorial Foundation- Annual Gala

Sundt Memorial Open Contest Succeeds Again — Grand Prize of $10,000 goes to Dean Randazzo

May 18, 2010

Proceeds from the contest are donated to local health rehabilitation centers. Held on Feb. 12-13, 2000, at Blacks Beach, this event has become an anticipated event in the La Jolla community. The year’s winner was Dean Randazzo, who won a $10,000 grand prize.

Sundt Memorial Foundation also sponsors the WindanSea Surf Club Menehune/Junior Surf Contest. In April 2010, we placed a DVD in each goodie bag, challenging kids to watch the video and submit a one-page review of the video. Entrants are eligible to win a customized surfboard!

Natural High 1: Riding the Drug-Free Wave

May 18, 2010

Produced in 1998, then reformatted in 2000, Natural High 1 was the Foundation’s first substance abuse video. It was distributed to 5,000 schools and seen by over 1.2 million students. Hosted by surfer and former MTV sports celebrity, Peter King, Natural High 1 is a compelling 20-minute video with a strong message and stunning sports footage. The video features world-famous surfers, skateboarders, and models such as Tony Hawk, Christiana Janssen, Kelly Slater, Malia Jones, Ray Barbee, Willy Santos, Felix Arguelles, Taylor Knox, and Tim Curran. Natural High 1 shows a new wave of American role models who inspire students to do well in school, make smart decisions and avoid destructive behavior.

Sundt Memorial Foundation Outreach: Muirlands Middle School

May 18, 2010

The Sundt Memorial Foundation regularly engages in outreach programs and drug prevention seminars with local schools. Paired with the Natural High DVD, which is sent to every middle school nationwide free of charge, this has become a truly effective way of promoting a drug-free message (visit the above link to find out how you can join the national mailing list.

Since 1999, Mr. Sundt has been personally visiting schools like Muirlands in order to advocate for natural high and to encourage the potential housed in every kid. Whether you love drama, sports, or reading, every young person has a passion that can keep them away from the deprecating effects of drugs and alcohol.

In the first of his appearances at local schools, Mr. Sundt gave a speech at a Muirlands Middle School Assembly, which also featured appearances by Rob Machado and Peter King. Sundt delivered a sobering, but riveting, speech on the dangers of drug use, and endeavored to motivate young kids to make the right choices. King is an alumnus of Muirlands, and Machado provided the celebrity-quotient to the event.

University of California, San Diego and Sundt Memorial Foundation pair up to form “Sundt Memorial Open Surf Contest”

May 18, 2010

The First Annual Sundt Memorial Open Surf Contest was held January 2005. Mr. Sundt raised $13,000 through the surf competition, and proceeds were donated to Teen Challenge Sobriety House, and other drug rehabilitation services and mental health programs. Stories about the contest appeared in La Jolla Light and Union Tribune, and it has become a local event that La Jolla natives look forward to. This contest has become instrumental in assisting these drug prevention programs and promoting the natural high message.

To read more about the history of this memorial surf contest, please click here