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Natural High 2

May 18, 2010

Natural High 2, the follow-up to the first video, is released in 2005 and garners amazing success!

A riveting and powerful video, it is also hip and positive. This DVD is filled with stunning sports clips, poignant interviews, and an upbeat soundtrack – It’s National Geographic meets Fox’s FUEL TV. The video features Tony Hawk, 12-time world skateboard champion; Nina Heinberg, champion kite boarder; Travis Pastrana, motocross freestyle champion; Tori Allen, champion sport climber; Laird Hamilton, ocean sports pioneer; Wendy Fisher, extreme skier; celebrity Hip Hop dancers “Crazy Legs” and “Mr. Wiggles”, and many more. The high-profile athletes and dancers in the video share powerful stories of what it’s like to lead a fun, exciting, and successful life without drugs or alcohol. They inspire kids to seek healthy goals, passions, and activities.

Overall, NH 2 reached 114,000 schools nationwide. By October of 2005, in advance of Red Ribbon Week, the Foundation achieved its goal of sending Natural High 2 FREE to 114,000 schools, potentially impacting the lives of 31,000,000 kids.

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