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Natural High 1: The Beginning of a Unique Drug Prevention Tool

April 29, 2010

Natural High 1 – The first “drug-free wave” video

Natural High 1, produced in 1998, then reformatted in 2000, was the Foundation’s first substance abuse video.  As of 2003, it has been distributed to 5,000 schools and seen by 1.2 million students.  The response by teachers, parents, students, and substance abuse coordinators was so overwhelming, it inspired the Foundation to produce a yearly educational outreach video series called Natural High – Riding the Drug-Free Wave.

An action-packed video with a strong message

Hosted by surfer and former MTV Sports celebrity, Peter King, Natural High 1 – Riding the Drug-Free Wave, is a compelling 20-minute with a strong message and stunning sports footage.  The video features world-famous surfers, skateboarders, and models such as Tony Hawk, Christiana Janssen, Kelly Slater, Malia Jones, Ray Barbee, Willy Santos, Felix Arguelles, Taylor Knox, and Tim Curran.

Natural High 1 shows a new wave of American role models.  They share powerful stories about what it’s like to lead a fun, exciting, and successful life without drugs or alcohol.  They inspire students to seek healthy goals, activities, and passions.  They urge students to do well in school, make smart decisions, and avoid destructive behavior.  They want students to win!

The video is riveting, with stunning sports clips, poignant interviews, and an upbeat sound track.  Parents and teachers applaud the inspiring, hard-hitting messages.  Students “ooh” and “aah” as they watch their heroes and heroines perform amazing feats, but listen attentively when their heroes and heroines talk tough about drugs and alcohol.

Natural High 1 – How to order the video and discussion guides

Natural High 1 is a classic.  If you’ve already watched Natural High 2 or 3, then go online and order Natural High 1 and add it to your Natural High video collection.  Also online, you’ll find Natural High discussion guides and additional resources (FREE) that go along with the video.  Teachers, parents, and substance abuse counselors can use the guides to lead thoughtful discussions about substance abuse, and to get students to open up and talk about drugs and alcohol.  English teachers can use the discussion guides and the video in their literacy programs.  Visit the video series tab on

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